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I kinda cheated on Gen 7 but there's so many good ones I couldn't stop at one part of an evo line ;o;


This will be a countdown of your top favorite Pokemon by generation. There are so many to choose from, can you narrow them down to five? Feel free to give a simple list, or something with a bit more explanation! 

Generation 1 -- Kanto Region

#133 Eevee by Pokemon-ressources #134 Vaporeon by Pokemon-ressources #135 Jolteon by Pokemon-ressources #136 Flareon by Pokemon-ressources #054 Psyduck by Pokemon-ressources

1. Eevee

2. Vaporeon

3. Jolteon

4. Flareon

5. Psyduck

Generation 2 -- Johto Region

# 197 Umbreon by Pokemon-ressources #196 Espeon by Pokemon-ressources #169 Crobat by Pokemon-ressources #179 Mareep by Pokemon-ressources #172 Pichu by Pokemon-ressources

1. Umbreon

2. Espeon

3. Crobat

4. Mareep

5. Pichu

Generation 3 -- Hoenn Region

#261 Poochyena by Pokemon-ressources #300 Skitty by Pokemon-ressources #385 Jirachi by Pokemon-ressources #383 Groudon by Pokemon-ressources#355 Duskull by Pokemon-ressources

1. Poochyenna

2. Skitty

3. Jirachi

4. Groudon

5. Duskull

Generation 4 -- Sinnoh Region

#470 Leafeon by Pokemon-ressources #471 Glaceon by Pokemon-ressources #393 Piplup by Pokemon-ressources #399 Bidoof by Pokemon-ressources #425 Drifloon by Pokemon-ressources

1. Leafeon

2. Glaceon

3. Piplup

4. Bidoof

5. Driftloon

Generation 5 -- Unova Region

#501 Oshawott by Pokemon-ressources #531 Audino by Pokemon-ressources #547 Whimsicott by Pokemon-ressources #585 Deerling - Spring by Pokemon-ressources #585 Deerling - Summer by Pokemon-ressources #585 Deerling - Autumn by Pokemon-ressources #585 Deerling - Winter by Pokemon-ressources #595 Joltik by Pokemon-ressources

1. Oshawott

2. Audino

3. Whimsicott

4. Deerling

5. Joltik

Generation 6 -- Kalos Region

#700 Sylveon by Pokemon-ressources #674 Pancham by Pokemon-ressources #675 Pangoro by Pokemon-ressources #677 Espurr by Pokemon-ressources #710 Pumpkaboo by Pokemon-ressources

1. Sylveon

2. Pancham

3. Pangoro

4. Espurr

5. Pumpkaboo

Generation 7 -- Alola Region

#778 Mimikyu by Pokemon-ressources #728 Popplio by Pokemon-ressources #729 Brionne by Pokemon-ressources #730 Primarina by Pokemon-ressources #759 Stufful by Pokemon-ressources #760 Bewear by Pokemon-ressources #789 Cosmog by Pokemon-ressources #749 Mudbray by Pokemon-ressources

1. Mimikyu

2. Popplio/Brionne/Primarina

3. Stufful/Bewear

4. Cosmog

5. Mudbray

Over All -- All Regions

1. All

2. of

3. them.

4. I cannot just pick five.

5. So it is all.


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Here are some other sites to find me on besides this green hellsite.


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Upcoming Nuzlocke Blog: alohafromalolanuzlocke.tumblr.…

i'll update as time goes by
8 OC Facts Meme:

Tagged by :icontwistedtoontaylor: and took me forever to do


1. Post 8 facts about your character(s).
2. Tag 8 different characters.
3. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1. When heavily exhausted/drinking, Robin tends to climb onto the highest thing in the room to sleep. Given that to get to her room she seeds to go up 2 floors to the attic, Robin usually passes out downstairs...usually on top of her fridge. She'll deny doing this, even when she's climbing off said fridge.

2. It catches people off guard that despite her aggressiveness, drinking, and smoking, she's actually really good with kids.  She'll honestly make a decent mother one day, if a bit strict.

3. Speed is key for her, she's proud of it, and when fighting, it's going to be key for any strategy.

4. She's got some co dependency issues, no lie there.

5. If Robin's in a fight and know she's gunna lose, she's going all out in the fight to try and bring you down with her. As long as she knows her opponent went down too, she'll consider it a win.

6. Despite being a loner, she does get lonely very easily, but fights herself with meeting others.

7. Oddly enough, many Pokemon seem to take an instant liking to her most of the time, even though she's grumpy and lacks any actual pokemon abilities to attract them all. Her father tells her it's a family trait, which is why ranching is the family business. It makes it easier to work with the pokemon, but on the flip side, Robin stays away from the mines as much as possible since she has pokemon following her home then.

8. She doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin, like she isn't sure what she's supposed to be (a leftover trait from being an eevee), and constantly changes her permanent totem whenever she can.


1. The only reason Matilda even chose the ukulele to learn was due to a mix up in instrument names with her mother thinking that Mattie said "Ukulele" instead of "Guitar". Mattie still loves her tiny instrument, though.

2. Due to her nerves, she acts very responsible in front of her family, and very childish in front of her friends. She REALLY wants to find a medium between the two so they understand that she isn't an adult on par with her parents yet (family) or everybody's little sister (friends).

3. Because Matilda is the only other ghost type in the family, and can sometimes be made to feel excluded because of that, her paternal grandmother and family ghost type risen from the dead, Auntie Nana, takes a bit of favoritism to make sure Mattie doesn't feel left out/made to feel bad for her totem. Usually this has involved Matilda being taken to many events with either old people or other dead!ghost gijinkas, so Mattie's always relaxed around them.

4. Matilda actually has a few pets back in Kalos! A Joltik who was originally living in her school desk back in middle school (now in her room there), a Furfrou the family found when they first moved there (living behind the boutique her mom works at), and a Magikarp and Feebas who live in a tank in the living room.

5. Matilda is good at video games... but can get aggressive when things aren't going right in them. Watch her during boss fights in her games when she can't get the upper hand, it can get funny.

6. While she has her problems with touching, they are slowly getting better. However, if she initiates the touching (or feels like she did), and trusts you enough, Mattie is a cuddler and surprising hands on. This also includes things like Piggyback rides and junk too.

7. Sophie and Matilda aren't identical twins, but their faces (both with and without makeup) are perfectly identical. Everything else isn't. Due to Sophie constantly wearing make up, and Matilda not, most folks won't believe it until they actually see it.

8. Mattie doesn't eat good dreams with Dream eater unless desperate. However, dreams do have a taste, and while good/bad/neutral ones each have a general taste to each, the flavors are really shaped by what the person is dreaming about. Mattie hates to admit that most good dreams have an addicting taste, no matter what.



Fuck it, anyone, lets go, do it. i tag everyone.

If anything looks like gibberish, its because it is. i've only been writing these down when im exhausted as fuck.

updates with the apartment shit are coming up in the next few days
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EDIT 7-18-16: Alright, after a few days of trying to get any information from the company who owns the complex (as we still do not have a complex manager to talk to), along with dealing with a situation regarding some family, I can finally sit down and explain what is now going on. Thank you all for being patient and for the help so far!

1) We have until July 29th to pay the company $240 and we'll be even. Though to pay off their legal fees since they filed things already, our rent is being upped $100 a month until that's paid off. 

2) The electric bill was paid thanks to everyone who paid! We thank you so so much! But we're not out of the hole yet since combined with the $240 we need to pay, we've run into a new problem since both her paycheck and our paypal were drained because of the bills. 

3) We're almost out of food, and nothing has been selling on our ebay account (which is how we've trying to get any form of cash right now besides my commissions/sales here). We've got enough, if we only eat one thing a day, for maybe last us about a week at best, but mom eats a lot when bored or stressed, so I don't know what's going to happen since I can't exactly stop her from eating.  

Sales and commissions are still open, as are donations. I'm keeping tabs of whoever has donated anything and I'll be doing something special for everyone once this is all cleared up.

Again, thank you all so much. 

 Alright, as a few members know, from August 2015-March 2016, Mom and I were homeless, living in hotels and on friends and families couches. In March, we found a place to live, but at the end of April/Start of May our car broke down and needed about $400 dollars in repairs. The only way we could afford to pay that was to take out part of our rent money, which set us back a month, and with every day we haven't paid in full, we get a $15 dollar fine.
   Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get ourselves out of the hole and we're close to eviction, if not already in the process of being evicted. If we can get $400 to pay the company by Monday, we can have an extra week to pay up the other $500, which would time out with mom's next paycheck. We only have until Monday afternoon to pay, as that would be the only time mom (who has the car) can drive over to the office before they close to pay, as she gets off at the same time they close.

   I'm trying to sell as much as I can, anything will help. I can only take Paypal or Points, but paypal is preferred as it is the quickest payment option I have. Unless you know of another way for me to receive a cash payment, these are the the only ways I can accept any payments right now.

   Thank you. 


<> All Point payments MUST be made to the Commission widget once I give the okay to do so. Any points sent otherwise will be sent back, and must be resent properly, as I can pull the points into cash then, which is much more useful to us.

<> Mixed payments of Points and Paypal are also allowed.

<>What you do with the pokemon is in your hands, I don’t care if you change their names, traits, transfer them, or even resell them for a higher prices. Once I receive payment and send them to you, they’re in your hands to do as you please.

<> I’m willing to haggle on sale prices some, but all point purchases must end in tens, due to the commission widget only going by tens.

<> All Paypal payments go to the email of



<> 1 Full Body/Shading/Background [6 Levels]: 200 :points: or $2.00

<> 1 Evolution with Full bodies/Shading/Backgrounds:

  • 2 Stage [12 levels]: 400 :points: or $4.00

  • 3 Stage [18 Levels]: 800 :points: or $8.00

      - Must have some form of reference for evolution, written or drawn up in some form.

<> 1 Move with 2 Fullbodies/Shading/Backgrounds [12 Levels]: 500 :points: or $5.00


<> Tyrunt-Overlord with 5 Move Commissions



PKMNation: Regular Clutches Galore [OPEN] by OtaPotato All of them are 20 :points: or $0.25 each

PKMNation: Regular Male Zubat Clutch [OPEN] by OtaPotato Lvl 4 Male Zubat, BA: 10: 20 :points: or $0.25

PN: Durmia-Barrera Clutch by OtaPotato Both of them are 20 :points: or $0.25 each

PN: Durmia-Barrera Clutch 2 by OtaPotato All of them are 20 :points: or $0.25 each

PKMNation: Nia JonesXPillow Clutch [ONE LEFT] by OtaPotato Female Spinda, BA: 7: 20 :points: or $0.25

MakaxPrince Clutch *OPEN* by OtaPotato Female Snubbul, BA: 17: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: BooxEmbers Clutch OPEN by OtaPotato Male Cyndaquil, BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation:Split and AlejandroLady D Clutches OPEN by OtaPotato Seels 1 and 4 are 20 :points: or $0.25 each

PKMNation: LoulaxDwarf Clutch *OPEN* by OtaPotato #7 Shroomish is 20 :points: or $0.25. The Fusion [Water/Grass/Fire] Darumaka #5 is 100 :points: or $1.25

PKMNation: Zeke and Boo Clutch [OPEN] by OtaPotato Right Male Morph Yamask, BA: 5: 100 :points: or $1.25

PKMNation: Bugs in the System Clutches [OPEN] by OtaPotato All of 1 Traits are 100 :points: or $1.25 each


Resale PKMN:

[ID: 16461] Lvl 0 Male Deerling, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

[ID: 16934] Lvl 0 Male Escavalier, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

[ID: 23446] Lvl 0 Male Carbink, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

[ID: 45691] Lvl 0 Male Dewott, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

[ID: 45737] Lvl 0 Female Combee, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Peaches the Smoochum by OtaPotato [ID: 20614] Lvl 0 Female Smoochum, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

  • When purchased and given an app, I will submit what was supposed to be my app picture for her, giving her a bonus 4 lvls and unofficially making her current info Lvl 4/BA: 5.

PKMNation: Chomper the Mawile App by OtaPotato [ID: 17958] Lvl 0 Female Mawile, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

  • When purchased and given an app, I will submit what was supposed to be my app picture for her, giving her a bonus 2 lvls and unofficially making her current info Lvl 2/BA: 5.

PKMNation: City the Volbeat App by OtaPotato [ID: 15301] Lvl 2 Male Volbeat, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Walnut the Seedot App by OtaPotato [ID: 15798] Lvl 2 Male Seedot, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

  • When purchased and given an app, I will submit what was supposed to be my app picture for him, giving him a bonus 4 lvls, unofficially making his current info lvl 10/BA: 7.

PKMNation: Popcorn the Sunkern by OtaPotato [ID: 18855] Lvl 2 Male Sunkern, BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: DwarfxNoodle Clutch [ONE LEFT] by OtaPotato [ID: 46716] Lvl 4 Male Shiny Shroomish #4, Current BA: 11: 80 :points: or $1.00

PKMNation: KFC The Torchic by OtaPotato [ID: 13014] Lvl 4 Female Torchic, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Cave Johnson the Roggenrola App by OtaPotato [ID: 20617] Lvl 4 Male Roggenrola, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: IceCube the Bergmite App by OtaPotato [ID: 21211] Lvl 4 Female Bergmite, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Speed the Slowpoke App by OtaPotato [ID: 24343] Lvl 4 Male Slowpoke, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Chu-Chu the Pachirisu by OtaPotato [ID: 29270] Lvl 4 Male Pachirisu, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Bean the Zubat App by OtaPotato [ID: 38409] Lvl 4 Male Zubat, Current BA: 5: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Girly the Zorua by OtaPotato [ID: 2322] Lvl 6 Female Zorua, Current BA: 11: 20 :points: or $0.25

PN: Chef the Red Basculin App by OtaPotato [ID: 32972] Lvl 6 Male Basculin [Red], Current BA: 6: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Droplet the Horsea App by OtaPotato [ID: 17773] Lvl 4 Male Horsea, Current BA: 12: 20 :points: or $0.25

  • When purchased and given an app, I will submit what was supposed to be my app picture for him, giving him a bonus 4 lvls, unofficially making his current info Lvl:8/BA: 13

Carousel the Spinda App by OtaPotato [ID: 17769] Lvl 8 Male Spinda, Current BA: 10: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Vanilla the Phantump App by OtaPotato [ID: 17383] Lvl 8 Female Phantump, Current BA: 41: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Cliffa the Cleffa App by OtaPotato [ID: 38100] Lvl 8 Male Cleffa, Current BA: 23: 20 :points: or $0.25

PKMNation: Gloopy the Goomy by OtaPotato [ID: 2326] Lvl 10 Male Goomy, Current BA: 26: 30 :points: or $0.38

PKMNation: Gal the Skitty by OtaPotato [ID: 2324] Lvl 12 Female Skitty, Current BA: 8: 30 :points: or $0.38

PN: DJ the Sliggoo App by OtaPotato [ID: 28132] Lvl 12 Female Sliggoo, Current BA: 7: 30 :points: or $0.38

PKMNation: Tikki the Joltik by OtaPotato [ID: 14559] Lvl 26 Female Joltik, Current BA: 14: 40 :points: or $0.50

PKMNation: Lady Diana the Starter by OtaPotato [ID: 2313] Lvl 36 Female Lapras, Current BA: 12: 50 :points: or $0.63

PKMNation: Nic Cage the Remoraid by OtaPotato [ID: 13703] Lvl 42 Male Remoraid, Current BA: 13: 60 :points: or $0.75

PKMNation: Chubs App by OtaPotato [ID: 2319] Lvl 56 Female Cubchoo, Current BA: 17:70 :points: or $0.88

PN: Dot the Solosis App by OtaPotato [ID: 45735] Lvl 100 Female Solosis, Current BA: 25: 120 :points: or $1.50

PKMNation King the Gastly [Lvl 100] by OtaPotato [ID: 27581 ] Lvl 100 Male Gastly, Current BA: 25: 120 :points: or $1.50

PKMNation: Rootbeer Float the Eevee by OtaPotato [ID: 2317] Lvl 100 Male Eevee, Current BA: 26: 120 :points: or $1.50



All Prices Match the Delibird Market’s

x12 Evolutionary Stones: 20 :points: or $0.25 USD each

x4 Gender Stones: 20 :points: or $0.25 USD each

x7 Upgrade Stones: 30 :points: or $0.38 USD each

x9 Honey: 40 :points: or $0.50 USD for 3 Jars, 10 :points: or $0.13 for 1 Jar each.

x8 Pokeballs: 50 :points: or $0.63 USD for 3 Balls, 20 :points: or $0.25 for 1 Ball each

x3 Modify Liquid: 70 :points: or $0.88 USD each

x6 Great Balls: 70 :points: or $0.88 USD for 3 Balls, 30 :points: or $0.38 USD each

x6 Form Candies: 80 :points: or $1.00 USD each

x2 DNA Stone: 90 :points: or $1.13 USD each

x5 Fusion Syringe: 90 :points: or $1.13 USD each

x7 Ultra Balls: 100 :points: or $1.25 USD each, 40 :points: or $0.50 USD for 1 Ball each

x6 Specific Eggs: 150 :points: or $1.88 USD each

x3 Rare Candies: 150 :points: or $1.88 USD each

  • Listening to: Trees - 21p
  • Drinking: Water
Being sick leaves me unable to do much outside of this.

001. Name → Ashley
002. Nickname → Ashe, Ota, OtaPotato, Otabaa
003. Status → Really gotta pee but no TP
004. Zodiac sign → Aries, Pig
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → Booknerd, Fatkid, Crybaby
007. Middle School → Booknerd, Fatkid, Anime Nut
008. Vocational school(High School)→ Booknerd, Artist, Fatkid, Target
009. Smart → Yes and No.

Tell Us More About Yourself:

010. Hair color → Brown/Red
011. Long or short → The shorter the better
012. Loud or Quiet → Quiet, but loud amongst friends or in fights
013. Sweats or Jeans → None
014. Phone or Camera → Phone
015. Health freak →  -Fart Noises-
016. Drink or Smoke → Quickly becoming more of a drinker
017. Do you have a crush on someone → I think? It's either a crush or I'm falling in love with the idea of a crush.
018. Eat or Drink → Yes
019. Piercings → 1 in each Earlobe
020. Tattoos →  Not any yes, but there are plans.


023. First piercing → Middleschool
024. First best friend → Christine and Daniel, one's my cousin and the other is still almost like fam.
025. First award → Something for cheerleading.
026. First crush → Reid, from 1st-3rd grade
027. First pet → The cats Booger and Shawnee.
028. First big vacation → I was told due to my folk's flying benefits, we got a cheap trip to Mexico when I was 3. Otherwise, Disney in Cali when I was 4.
030. First big birthday → 5th Birthday, where my hand got crushed in the front door. At least the party was fun.

What Are You Doing Right Now:

049. Eating → No
050. Drinking → Water
052. I'm about to → Sneeze a fucking lung out
053. Listening to → Trees by twenty-one pilots
054. Plans for today → Try and get over this sick

In The Future, Do You:

058. Want kids? → Not really
059. Want to get married? → Ye
060. Careers in mind → N/A

Which Do You Find More Attractive:

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller, bby
072. Romantic or spontaneous → A nice mix of them both, tbh
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice arms, I'll take any tummy, since they're ALL nice.
074. Sensitive or loud → Again, a nice mixture would be nice.
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Troubemaker with some common fucking sense

Have You Ever:

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Outside of my sunglasses, not yet.
081. Ran away from home → Three times, each one more serious than the last
084. Broken someones heart → That would require someone to have feelings for me first.
085. Been arrested → Almost
087. Cried when someone died → yup

Do You Believe In:

089. Yourself → Slowly, VERY fucking slowly I am.
090. Miracles → Yeah
091. Love at first sight → Nada
092. Heaven → Unsure
093. Santa Claus → I'll believe in him more than most politicians.
094. Sex on the first date → Maybe? Haven't had either so can't say.
095. Kiss on the first date → If there's a connection
096. The end of the world (2012) → Ye, and if that thing I read about Jesus being born 4 years earlier than we thought is true, techniquely its 2012 then and we still got time for it to happen. Go. Go. Go.


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yuppers
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → Kinda
099. Do you believe in God → Maybe?
100. Post as 100 truths and tag :iconusahunnybunny: :iconcherucheripie: :iconaloulore: :iconmidnas-little-shadow:
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For the last few months I've been feeling pretty stuck in how I draw. Haven't really felt like I've grown at all in years, tbh, and I'm just kind of lost as to what to do. Not to mention the fact I can't seem to get the energy to work on much completed art anymore, or be happy with any of it. It's feels like bullshit some days, and I know it isn't, drawing is one of the most important things to me (even if I bitch and moan about it, but I do that to everything I love). 

I think it has to be because I haven't really grown as an artist in years, or that's how it feels like to me. I remember being told years ago by a friend or two that they were surprised at how fast I was picking up things and growing, but now? It doesn't feel like I've grown at all since switching to a lineless style (and even then that felt more like regression since I only switched to lineless so I wouldn't have to line). I just, I dunno, I as I've stated a few times already, I feel stuck.

I've stared hunting down tutorials to help with all this, and I'm working on trying to find my own style that is cute and isn't it is now. I got an idea of where I want to go, but it's gunna be confusing and hard to get there, since I've gotta work out of some bad habits I've gotten myself into to. Like bodies for instance: flipper hands and feet are what I tend to do quite a bit, and it's because I get so frustrated every time I make hands that it's always easier to just do that.

I keep doing that, trying to take the easy way out of doing things in art, just because of how frustrated I get at myself. Because I can't do simple things that all my friends can do all the time, that I just sit and wallow in my shit art and wow, now that I'm typing this out, I think I'm working out as to why I do some of the shitty art I do. My own stupid jealousy and feelings of inadequacy are probs why I keep only doing shitty art, since I feel like that's the best I can do when I compare myself to others. That's the other bad habit I need to try and get out of, I have to learn not to compare myself. We all grow at different speeds and some of us to excel in certain things that others can't, and that it's all okay. I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay I'm not at the same level as all my friends and group mates. I've only been drawing seriously for a few years, and a lot of them have been drawing most of their lives, it makes sense that we're all at different levels. And that's okay.

Just, I don't know though. I need to keep reminding myself it's totally okay to be a little slow in growing, I've been like that in everything. Comparing myself is something I've always done, not with just art, but everything, and it's something I need to stop. Yes, comparing yourself can be good at times, but my mind is a toxic cesspool, so comparisons aren't ever good then. 

Just, yeah, sorry for rambling folks, and sorry for all the statuses. I'm just trying to work shit out.

Also to those I owe collabs and RP replies to, just give me some more time. I should be able to do the rp replies sometime in the next 24 hours since I'm starting to fee a bit better. Collabs are almost done too, just trying to finish up some details/add things to make them look better. One of my first steps in trying to grow is to make things more detailed in my art, even the littlest touches might make something look better. It's not much, but it's a start, yeah?
  • Listening to: The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty -P!atD
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no one tags me but i wanna do memes too so ha ha fcuk it

Tag 8 people you want to get to know better

Ashe~ well, Ashley, but i'm a pretentious fuck about my name

Star Sign

Average hours of sleep
3-12 hours. usually only 3 or 12 though. 

Lucky number
4, 7, 13, 713

Last things I googled
bipolar disorder

Favorite fictional characters
My motherfuckin characters, Jane Crocker, Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas, Peridot

What are you wearing right now
a teal tanktop and some undies, thats it

When did you start this account
oh fuck um, August 2nd, 2010. holy shit

Amount of watchers
136, wow

What do you post
group art, and very rarely my own personal things or school things

Do you run anymore blogs
ummm, my personal tumblr, art ref tumblr, nsfw tumblr, mattie and rbin's ask account, and a digital animal game blog. or, and a couponing/freebies blog as well!

Do you get a lot of comments
-snorting laughter-

Why did you choose this username

i wanted to keep my nickname of "Ota" and i really love potatos. simple

Alright, due to me needing to get the money for the apartment and to make sure we won't become homeless in the mean time, I'm selling off my Out of Stock Items.

Pokemon and Regular Item Sales

-No levels, I'm sorry, due to my financial situation I need all the points and cash I can get.
-Bids can be made using Points or Paypal. If you have a third option that results in a non giftcard or levels payment, please tell me and we'll see what I can do. I'm to the point of where I'm willing to take checks and similar items.
-All Point bids must go by 10's, due to the commission widget going by that scale.
-I know I shouldn't have to state this, but only current members of :iconpkmnation: can bid.




Auction 1: Prism Scale 

Starting Bid: 750:points: or $7.50 USD
Current Bid: Start Bid DDRanch
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD


Auction 2: Mod Tech 

Starting Bid: 750:points: or $7.50 USD
Current Bid: Start Bid DDRanch
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD


Auction 3: Species Swapper 

Starting Bid: 750:points: or $7.50 USD
Current Bid: $8 DDRanch
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD

I am a thieving potato. 

What Pokemon type/s do you think I am?


Alright, due to me needing to get the money for the apartment as soon as I can so we can get into a safe home without a mooching roommate screwing us up to put herself ahead, I'm selling off all my out of stock items. In total there are 3 Mod Techs, 2 Prism Scales, and 2 Species Swappers. If you wish to auto buy all or any of them before their auctions go up, please contact me.

Pokemon and Regular Item Sales

-No levels, I'm sorry, due to my financial situation I need all the points and cash I can get.
-Bids can be made using Points or Paypal. If you have a third option that results in a non giftcard or levels payment, please tell me and we'll see what I can do. I'm to the point of where I'm willing to take checks and similar items.
-All Point bids must go by 10's, due to the commission widget going by that scale.
-If you want to try and haggle the autobuy price a bit, you can try, but I can't go any lower than 2000 points/$20 each. This money is also my future on the line. 





Auction 1: Prism Scale 

Starting Bid: 700:points: or $7.00 USD
WINNER: 910:points: LunaraTDQ
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD


Auction 2: Mod Tech 

Starting Bid: 700:points: or $7.00 USD
WINNER: 800:points: LunaraTDQ
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD


Auction 3: Species Swapper 

Starting Bid: 700:points: or $7.00 USD
WINNER: $10.00 DDRanch
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD


Auction 4: Sharpedonite

Starting Bid: 700:points: or $7.00 USD
WINNER: Zhoid 700:points:
Min Increase: 10:points: or $0.10 USD

Autobuy: 3000:points: or $30.00 USD
Alright folks, it seems after discussing it with Mom and the roomie now, Mom and I are still rushing to try and get the money to get out, but now we have a little more time, up until midFebruary. Roomie sounds like she wants to stay at the hotel another few months so we'll be handing the room off to her. Other problem is that we have the storage fees from our storages (3 of them due to a series of shenanigans. We really only need one of them but blame Uhaul literally for us having 2 more than needed) and we need to pay those along the rent here. Uhauls already done something this month to dig me further into the hole, so thank you, you piece of shit company. We'll be seeing you soon.

While we owe the money, I still have time to get the cash together for the apartment. The other 2 units are flexible and last they told us they can hold out till mom's next payday to get another piece of the payments. We're trying to condense them all, but one is back in Illinois and we only NOW just got some folks to pick up the few things left there. Just some boxes of literally only my stuff (since I made sure all of mom's things got here) and stuff. After that, one 70 dollar bill goes bye bye. And after we get rid of the uhaul after we take care of the problem they just did, there's another 90-100 dollar a month bill gone. And once we get into a place, the last storage can go too. Mom may actually keep that one a bit longer due to needing storage for a potential side thing to help us get some money for the Arizona move, which is still a thing. If she doesn't go through with it, in the end we'll save around 200ish bucks a month, which is good.

Still hunting for a job that won't have me getting one of my attacks on the floor. As soon as we get out of here, I know I'm guaranteed a job here at the hotel the moment a space is open. Trust me, I'd try to get hired on now, but you can't live and work here, which sucks because literally my entire paycheck from working here would be going into paying for here. They wouldn't be losing much in money to me orz

But yush, instead of 2 weeks, its more like 3 weeks for me to get about 600-700 dollars, which is easier, but thanks to deviantart needing 2 weeks to clear point purchases, it's still gunna be a rush for the next 2 weeks to try and get all point purchases done so they can clear in time. I'm also working on other ways to save us money that first month, since money's gunna be tight that first month. Once second month comes, we'll get to work on paying everyone back that we owe orz. I'm getting the math done to figure out how we cant get the bills, save for Arizona, and pay everyone back efficiently every month. With eBay and everything, which may actually end up being my job, we'll be able to swing hopefully paying off at least 3 people by the end of summer this year if we're lucky. I know once we get to the storages, we'll have access to A LOT of ebay stuff we can sell, and their value in total (from what I've recent checked from our inventory logs of the stuff) just enough to hopefully mostly everyone back.

We may live in Missouri for two years, I'm making sure the move to Arizona doesn't happen until we get $10k in savings to do it with, until Mom's credit is better (and mine exists), and our personal problems get better. I'm tired of the bs in my life, next time we're going in prepared or not at all. $10k will be safe for us to live on a few months in a hotel if need be, pay for a truck and good storage, or hopefully we find an apartment and have enough for it if we're really lucky. We may splurge and if we do everything right, we can get movers to move the boxes and junk instead of doing it ourselves. The last move was hard on us physically due to that, and in the end it may end up being cheaper. We just have to plan and save properly, and do everything right this time. That also includes getting mom and I a week off to go and find and get an apartment before we move out there. 

aaaaand rambling, sorry.
Alright so long story short, I'm trying to get about $600 dollars together within the next two weeks. Mom and I have the chance of getting a real apartment to move into that costs half of what the hotel costs (which is about $12-1300 a month). Problem is that the deposit and first month's rent are in total, about $1200, and we still have to pay the deposit for our electricity. Without our roommate helping, since she's chosen to only look out for herself, we're in a bind and need to get out fast. Mom's pay can get half of it, and if we can get this half, then we can move out as soon as possible. I know it takes 2 weeks for Commission Widget Points to clear but I don't have many options either. 

:star: So I'm offering :iconpkmnation: commissions. Any Point Payments go to the Commission Widget on my Profile when I give the okay. Any cash purchases go to my Paypal at :star:

I need to have some type of reference for your Pokemon, they don't need to be in the group yet, I can wait to submit any levels until their reference is accepted.


Colored Sketch [1 Level]

:star: Price: 50:points: or $0.50 :star:

HPM: Cabin Fever by OtaPotatoHPM: Eggs and Bacon by OtaPotato HPM: Fluffy Fluffy Ghosts by OtaPotato

Headshot/Partial with Background [3 Levels]

:star: Price: 100:points: or $1.00 :star:

PKMNation: Thanatos Headshot by OtaPotatoPKMNation: Headshots Headshots by OtaPotato

Fullbody with Background [4 Levels]

:bulletblue: Extra Characters are 40:points: or $0.40 Each

:star: Price: 150:points: or $1.50 :star:

PKMNation: November event 1-1 by OtaPotatoPKMNation: Back in the Level Game by OtaPotato PKMNation: Luluds Payment by OtaPotato

1 Move [12 Levels]

:bulletred: Includes 2 Fullbodies, 2 Backgrounds, 2 Shadings
:star: Price: 500:points: or $5.00 :star:

PKMNation:Bulbie Payment+Riki Learned Flamethrower by OtaPotato PKMNation: RadMadisaur Payment Part 1 by OtaPotato PKMNation: RadMadisaur Payments by OtaPotato


1 Evolution [12 Levels]

:star: Prices: Order your own Specific Evolution Purchase!

:bulletred:  2 FullBodies [4 Levels] + 2 Shade [4 Levels]= 300:points: or $3.00

:bulletblue: 3 FullBodies [6 Levels] + 3 Shade [6 Levels]= 500:points: or $5.00

:bulletpink:   1 Background [2 Levels]: 50:points: or $0.50

:bulletgreen:   2 Backgrounds [4 Levels]: 70:points: or $0.70

:bulletorange:   3 Backgrounds [6 Levels]: 90:points: or $0.90

PKMNation: And Then There Were Three by OtaPotato PKMNation: Palladium Full Evolution by OtaPotatoPKMNation: Bigger and More Grumpy by OtaPotatoPKMNation: Eye see an Evolution by OtaPotato


100 Level Special

:bulletred: Any 1 Pokemon to get to level 100 no matter the starting level. Must have an art reference. Evolution included, moves are not.
:star: Price: 2500:points: or $25.00 :star:

PN: Mass Levels [Dot+Friends] by OtaPotato PN: King Mass Levels by OtaPotatoPKMNation: Up to Level 100 in 24 Hours by OtaPotato
Alright so long story short, I'm trying to get about $600 dollars together within the next two weeks. Mom and I have the chance of getting a real apartment to move into that costs half of what the hotel costs (which is about $12-1300 a month). Problem is that the deposit and first month's rent are in total, about $1200, and we still have to pay the deposit for our electricity. Without our roommate helping, since she's chosen to only look out for herself, we're in a bind and need to get out fast. Mom's pay can get half of it, and if we can get this half, then we can move out as soon as possible.

I don't want to sell most of my pokemon, but I'm desperate, I'm in a situation with so few options that I'm left to do this.

Feel free to try and Haggle, chances are I'll take most reasonable offers given. Also Point purchases, outside of 10 point and item purchases, have the 20% increase due to the commission widget. 

For Paypal Purchases, Please Send Payments to:

Auctions for Prism Scales, Mod Techs, and Species Swappers, and Sharpedonite



 Power Potion (x2) 200 :points: or $2.50 each
 Rare Candy (x8) 150 :points: or $2.00 each
 Specific Egg (x6) 150 :points: or $2.00 each
 Ultra Ball Pack (x3 Ultra Balls) 100 :points: or $1.25 Per Set
:bulletred: 30 :points or $0.40 for 1 (x7 In Stock)
 Fusion Syringe (x5) 90 :points: or $1.25 each
 DNA Stone (x5) 90 :points: or $1.25 each
 Form Candy (x6) 80 :points: or $1.00 each
 Modify Liquid (x4) 70 :points: or $0.90 each
 Shimmer Potion (x1) 70 :points: or $0.90 each
 Great Ball Pack (x3 Great Balls) 70 :points: or $0.90 Per Set (6 In Stock)
 Type Specific Egg (x1) 60 :points: or $0.75
 Pokeball Pack (x3 Pokeballs) 50 :points: or $0.65 Per Set
:bulletred: 20 :points: or $0.25 for 1 (x8 In Stock)
 Honey Pack (x3 Honeys) 40 :points: $0.50 Per Set (9 In Stock)
 Upgrade Stone (x9) 30 :points: or $0.40 each
 Genderstone (x5) 20 :points: or $0.25 each
   Evoluationary Strone (x13) 20 :points: or $0.25 each



PN: Durmia-Barrera Clutch by OtaPotato BA: 6, Hatchdate: Jan 10th, 2016, Level: 4
Left: Female Carbink
Right: Male Carbink
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15 Each

PN: Durmia-Barrera Clutch 2 by OtaPotatoBA: 6 (7 With Levels), Hatchdate: Jan 10th, 2016, Level: 6
1. Carbink Male
2: Cyndaquil Male
3. Carbink Female
4. Carbink Male
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15 Each

PKMNation: Bugs in the System Clutches [OPEN] by OtaPotatoHatchdate: Sept 25th, 2015, Level: 4, BA: [Clutch A: 8] [Clutch B: 9]
A2: Shiny Caterpie Female
  :bulletred: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

A3: Caterpie-Bellsprout Cross Female
  :bulletred: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

B: Vulpix/Porygon/Sandile Cross Male
:bulletred: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

PKMNation: Zeke and Boo Clutch [OPEN] by OtaPotato BA: 5 , Hatchdate: Dec 1st, 2014, Level: 4
Right: Yamask Morph Male
:star: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

MakaxPrince Clutch *OPEN* by OtaPotato BA: 17, Hatchdate: Oct 5th, 2014, Level: 4
2: Snubbul Female
  :bulletred: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Nia JonesXPillow Clutch [ONE LEFT] by OtaPotato BA: 7, Hatchdate: Dec 13th, 2014, Level: 4
Bottom Right: Spinda Male
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation:Split and AlejandroLady D Clutches OPEN by OtaPotato BA: 7, Hatchdate: May 16th, 2014, Level: 4
1: Seel Female
4: Seel Female
8: Lapras Male
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: LoulaxDwarf Clutch *OPEN* by OtaPotato BA: 15, Hatchdate: Sept 7th, 2014, Level: 4
5:  Water-Grass-Fire Type Darumaka (Male) Fusion
  :bulletred: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

6: Male Shroomish
  :bulletred: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

7: Female Shroomish
  :bulletred: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: DwarfxNoodle Clutch [ONE LEFT] by OtaPotato BA: 11, Hatchdate: Dec 13, 2014, Level: 4
4: Male Shiny Shroomish
:star: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

PKMNation: Regular Male Zubat Clutch [OPEN] by OtaPotato Male ZubatBA: 10, Hatchdate: January 28th, 2016, Level: 4 (1 FB+1BG)
Price: 10Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Regular Clutches Galore [OPEN] by OtaPotato Price: 10Points or $0.15
:bulletred: Clutch A: BA: 23, Hatchdate: January 28th, 2016, Level: 4 (1 FB+1BG)
A2: Trapinch, Male, OPEN
A3: Trapinch, Female, OPEN
A4: Zorua, Male, OPEN
A5: Zorua, Female, OPEN

:bulletred: Clutch B: BA: 10, Hatchdate: January 28th, 2016, Level: 4 (1 FB+1BG)
B1: Charmander, Female, OPEN
B2: Zubat, Male, OPEN

:bulletred: Clutch C: BA: 8, Hatchdate: January 28th, 2016, Level: 4 (1 FB+1BG)
C1: Zubat, Male, OPEN
C2: Lotad, Male, OPEN
C3: Lotad, Female, OPEN
 Charmander, Male, OPEN

:bulletred: Clutch D: BA: 13, Hatchdate: January 28th, 2016, Level: 4 (1 FB+1BG)
D1: Shroomish, Female, OPEN
D2: Dratini, Male, OPEN
D3: Dratini, Female, OPEN
D4: Dratini, Male, OPEN
D5: Dratini, Female, OPEN

Male Pokemon:

PKMNation: Diggley Doo by OtaPotato :star: Diggley Doo the Digglet, Level: 37, BA: 22
:star: Price: 50 Points or $0.50

PKMNation: Nic Cage the Remoraid by OtaPotato :star: Nic Cage the Remoraid, Level: 42, BA: 13
:star: Price: 60 Points or $0.60

PKMNation: Old Sport the Lanturn by OtaPotato :star: Old Sport the Lanturn, Level: 8, BA: 6
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Gloopy the Goomy by OtaPotato :star: Goopy the Goomy, Level: 10, BA: 26
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Sponge the Poliwag by OtaPotato :star: Sponge the Poliwag, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Walnut the Seedot App by OtaPotato :star: Walnut the Seedot, Level: 2, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Carousel the Spinda App by OtaPotato :star: Carousel the Spinda, Level: 8, BA: 10
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Cave Johnson the Roggenrola App by OtaPotato :star: Cave Johnson the Roggenrola, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation Berg the Bergmite App by OtaPotato :star: Berg the Bergmite, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Biscuit the Sentret App by OtaPotato :star: Biscuit the Sentret, Level: 5, BA: 7
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Speed the Slowpoke App by OtaPotato :star: Speedy the Slowpoke, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Chu-Chu the Pachirisu by OtaPotato :star: Chu-Chu the Pachirisu, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PN: Chef the Red Basculin App by OtaPotato :star: Chef the Red Basculin, Level: 6, BA: 6
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Popcorn the Sunkern by OtaPotato :star: Popcorn the Sunkern, Level: 2, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Cliffa the Cleffa App by OtaPotato :star: Cliffa the Cleffa, Level: 8, BA: 23
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Bean the Zubat App by OtaPotato :star: Bean the Zubat, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

3clutch -- OPEN by Moleberry B3: Unnamed Castform/Houndour Cross, Level: 4, BA: 15
:star: Price: 100 Points or $1.00

Deerling by CreepyJellyfish Deerling-summer by CreepyJellyfish Deerling-autumn by CreepyJellyfish Deerling-winter by CreepyJellyfish :star: Unreffed Deerling [From Old Trail], Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Escavalier by CreepyJellyfish:star: Unreffed Escavalier [From Old Trail], Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Carbink by CreepyJellyfish :star: Unreffed Carbink [From Old Trail], Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Lopunny by CreepyJellyfish:star: Unreffed Lopunny [From Old Trail], Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Dewott by CreepyJellyfish:star: Unreffed Dewott [From Old Trail], Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Espurr by CreepyJellyfish:star: Unreffed Espurr [From Egg], Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

Female Pokemon:

PKMNation: Chubs App by OtaPotato:star: Chubs the Cubchoo, Level: 56, BA: 17
:star: Price: 80 Points or $0.80

PKMNation: Girly the Zorua by OtaPotato :star: Girly the Zorua, Level: 6, BA: 11
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Gal the Skitty by OtaPotato :star: Gal the Skitty, Level: 12, BA: 8
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Nia Jones the Spinda by OtaPotato :star: Nia Jones the Spinda, Level: 15, BA: 28
:star: Price: 40 Points or $0.40

PKMNation: KFC The Torchic by OtaPotato :star: KFC the Torchic, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Vanilla the Phantump App by OtaPotato :star: Vanilla the Phantump, Level: 8, BA: 41
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: IceCube the Bergmite App by OtaPotato :star: Icecube the Bergmite, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Benedict the Togepi App by OtaPotato :star: Benedict the Togepi, Level: 4, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Chomper the Mawile App by OtaPotato :star: Compers the Mawile, Level: 2, BA: 5 [While not submitted, I will submit this pic for the two levels when I transfer them to the buyer]
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Peaches the Smoochum by OtaPotato :star: Peaches the Smoochum, Level: 2, BA: 5 [While not submitted, I will submit this pic for the two levels when I transfer them to the buyer]
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15

PKMNation: Tikki the Joltik by OtaPotato:star: Tikki the Joltik, Level: 26, BA: 14
:star: Price: 40 Points or $0.40

PKMNation: Baby the Masquerain App by OtaPotato :star: Baby the Masquerain, Level: 43, BA: 13
:star: Price: 60 Points or $0.60

Combee by CreepyJellyfish:star: Unreffed Combee [From Egg] Level: 0, BA: 5
:star: Price: 10 Points or $0.15
Alright so long story short, I'm trying to get about 600 dollars together within the next two weeks. Mom and I have the chance of getting a real apartment to move into that costs half of what the hotel costs. Problem is that the deposit and first month's rent are in total, about 1200, and we still have to pay the deposit for out electricity. Without our roommate helping, since she's chosen to only look out for herself, we're in a bind.

All my Pkmnation Pokemon and Items are for Sale, and I'll make a separate journal to send there, but if you're in :iconpkmnation: then look through what I got. The prices for items are the same as their Delibird Market prices, while any Out of Stock items can have offers sent in. I'll type out a proper sales sheet later so you can see what I have. For now, browse and make offers:…

I'm also offering to level up any pokemon, not matter the starting level, to level 100 with evolutions, for 2500 Points/$25 each

Second, any items or Pets (Outside of Pops the Driffloon, unless I get a really good offer) in :iconharvest-pokemoon: can be bought for Points or Paypal too. Mods, I'm sorry if this can get me in trouble, but you have seen be bitch about the roommate and this may help get us out faster, and away from her mooching ass. I'm desperate, I don't have much, and I'm already going to sell off what little of physical items I own, this is the only other area where I have a lot in.

I can also draw up work pictures and even trade my in group money for points or paypal. Anything, guys, it's all for grabs.

Third: Commissions. I'll be posting the current price set for what I can do. I'm in a position where I'll need the payment upfront, but I have enough time to get everything done. No slots, anything up for grabs. Cute stuff, porn, anything. Hell, I'll open writing commission too. 

4: Watch for a selling journal. I'll be selling off a lot of what I got online here, craigslist, everything. A PS vita with an 8gb memory card and 2 games will be going up on the market, and maybe a ps3 as well (500gb, bought new about 2ish years ago)

Hell, if i can find stable wifi, i'll sell off any shinies and legendaries i've collected on my pokemon games

any donations are welcome. i got the commission widget on my profile set up for them.

im sorry and thank you
alright so long story short, axiety had me quit my job at the call center, mom got a job there and is in training, and financially we're screwed until thursday/her first payday. whoops, thank you mental health, you're such a perfect and wonderful creature.

i played and beat undertale, pacifist neutral and true pacifist endings and, just, my heart. i shall be posting some fanart of it cuz holy shit that game was awesome (papy and undyne and the neutral route boss were the only bosses able to kill me. otherwise i grinded for my other death for that one special armor)

slowly getting back into pkmnation. slowly. and im clearing out my ranch for the most part so watch out for me updating the sales board more. 

life is great, fucking berries and sugar everywhere. 

expect lots more hpm art too, im rushing to finish what i have sitting in my folder. i wanna have a fresh start on my drawing folder, yo. 

i'm a failure. bwoop bwoop. so if im sad a lot or log off a lot, then thats why. it ain't yall, its literally me cuz whoops, i dun fucked up.
Well folks, I've gotten hired on at a place! And not even a seasonal job, I got hired on full time at a place~ I make almost 10 bucks an hour and honestly, I'm amazed. I may move down to part time though for schooling reasons, and my own mental health, but I have a friend who will be able to help with paying for the room. 

However, I'm still in training so I'm still busy monday-friday (well this week, till saturday) from 3PM to Midnght. My sense of time is so screwed up because of the schedule, the fact that I only see the sun once or twice during my work day, and the fact dinner is called lunch. So I'm sorry if I ramble or bug anyone multiple times in a day,my sense of time is just gone that its been feeling like 2 hours=1day. 

Hopefully mom, angel, and I will be moved into an actual place by January. For now, we're still at the "Hotel California" (aka the Extended Stay America in Springfield, MO). Hopefully I'll be able to pay off my debts starting soon, first time will be mid december to early January due to my first paycheck going straight to storage fees and making sure we don't go hungry/homeless. May need to start a gofundme or something to help us get an apartment and out of here, this place is draining us of all our cash. Not to mention all the drug and mold problems too orz. I'm not afraid to say I need help, and if I can just get us out of here I can start paying back everyone who has helped us.

Since my paycheck is gunna get smaller after my training, I'll have to find other ways to pay. Lets hope ebay takes off soon, we got a deal with a friend for him to sell his computers through our ebay account and since we're listing them, we get a small cut too. It isn't much, but if we can get into a regular thing with his stuff and ours, then we can substitute that for a fulltime paycheck from me. 

But yeah, Monday-Fridays I'm busy from afternoons to midnight, and its slowing down my rps too. I want to rp, but by the time I can st down and do it, I'm so tired. And I don't wake up until an hour or 2 before my shift, so I have to eat, get ready, and do chores before I go. 

I can't wait till part time. 
So if I don't answer any comments, rps, or anything of the sort, but you see me posting like, a shit ton of art, please just bare with me for now. Life is stressful beyond compare atm, and right now drawing is really helping me, since I don't have to think much when I do so.

Just...please, anyone I'm playing (or trying to play) with atm, just I'm going to be slow. Hopefully if I can find work my stress will decrease, but for now please, just let it slide a bit. Thanks. 
I have been every. fucking. where. Aka Mom and I did the drive to Missouri a few days ago (maybe a week or so now?) and lemme tell you some fuuuuuuucking bullshit.

First our truck from uHaul is an hour away. Big fucking whoop, costs less than the nearby ones and is guaranteed. Then the truck is too small for all our shit, so the rest of our shit, mostly my shit, is still in illinois. Fucking shit, I just barely managed to get the shit I ABSOLUTELY needed in there. And even then the shit i still need is still back there. (Moms going back there with my cousin next month for the rest of the shit).

Then the drive to Missouri wasnt so bad. Pretty sights, steep fucking hills, almost drove off down one of the mountain/hills (I'll save that fucking story for another day), got lost looking for a certain part of Rolla, MO, and finally made our way to springfield. We get to my Uncle and sort of Aunts house in Billings. And I have no phone service or internet. And my allergies go haywire. To the point where my chest is hurting and my head is hurting every time I fucking cough (which is every fucking 2 minutes or 4 words I say) and I'm dizzy and can't breathe. It fucking sucks. If I don't get better to where I don't have to fucking do charades to talk to everyone, and I dont have to use my inhaler twice a day, mom says a trip to ther hospital is on order.

Then we found out some shit regarding the bitchy aunt. oooooh boy, fuck her. mom and i paid for EVERYTHING while we were there, and when the check came, we gave her even MORE money, yet she was gunna kick us out after 2 days of staying there. We also DEEP cleaned her ENTIRE home, took care of the kids, every fucking thing. And this is the same aunt who told us to move out here.

If I go to the hospital, im sending her live texts and pictures. And at Christmas, im reminding her that her telling us to move here is almost putting me in the hospital and is making hell for everyone. If i sleep, my breathing goes to shit that everyone stays up because I sound like im FUCKING DYING. Which is feel like that, im holding onto walls and shit just to move long distance. I'm fucking scared, my allergies were worse than this when i was kid, but my breathing never got this bad. 

So now we have an apartment for us, hopefully on the first. I get the master bedroom and bath (yay) and lets hope I get hired very quickly. We bought a desk and its real wood (and from pier one, we got it used REALLY cheap and its in REALLY condition) and lets hope all goes well.

Btw, im also gunna be pushing commissions and pkmnation clutches more. cuz you know, i now have bills i need to pay and if i can t find work/get enough hours, then yeah, it's needed. Im doing the math and if all works out, we should have enough every month to get by if other things work out too. 

so anyway

how have ya'll been

my gay ass is in the bible belt and my allergies are literally about to put me in the hospital. 
Hey guys, so just a quick update. For those of you who know, we had a tornado go through my town on Monday (Coal City, IL) and its done a hell of a lot to the town. Thankfully my house didnt get hit too badly, but 2 pine trees in my yard 1 on the front, 1 in the back) got uprooted and fell in our yard. Front one is blocking the front door and porch and the back one knocked out our power lines. It's gunna be at least a week for our house to get fixed. In the meantime we're house hopping from between both of my aunt's houses.

What does this mean for you all? It means I won't be able to be contacted much. Internet, phone, nothing. I have data but I'm down to 1 gig for the next few days until July 1st and my phone battery needs to last my the entire day (include a computer charge) for any phonecalls.

Our family, including my aunt who is a block from the major destruction, is all fine. My aunt has house damage (but also has insurance which will cover most of the damage) and my mom's car got hit. Thankfully its just a roof dent and the side mirrors that were damaged badly, so its looking to be a $50-100 fix. Oh, and the radio antenna too, but that still works, kind of.

We're in for more sever storms tonight, so lets hope everyone is fine. Our town was just recovering from the tornado 2 years ago and now this fresh hell happened. Wish my town luck, we're going to need it.

:bulletblack: I am willing to haggle on ANY of the prices for ANY of the Pokemon.
:bulletblack: If you buy a Pokemon for Moves or spend 50 Points in here, you can get a free Regular pokemon (unless marked otherwise). This stacks up with the purchases. So you can pay using points or moves, and it still counts. 
:bulletblack: Any items from the Delibird Market will be listed for the same price (the Evo Stone deal does not apply here).
:bulletblack: Any questions can be asked below, please do not send questions via note or comments on my dA profile page. 
:bulletblack: I'd prefer point payments over levels when possible, as by using the commission widget, I can send it to my paypal in the end and every little bit of cash helps me until I can find steady work.


Any unsold by then (aside from a clutch or two) will be sent away

Items for Sale/Trade:
:bulletred: Power Potion (x7) 200 :points: each
:bulletred: Specific Egg (x5) 150 :points: each
:bulletred: Ultra Ball Pack (x3 Ultra Balls) 100 :points:
:bulletred: Fusion Syringe (x6) 90 :points: each
:bulletred: DNA Stone (x5) 90 :points: each
:bulletred: Form Candy (x6) 80 :points: each
:bullered: Modify Liquid (x4) 70 :points: each
:bulletred: Re-Trace (x5) 70 :points: each
:bulletred: Shimmer Potion (x1) 70 :points: each
:bulletred: Great Ball Pack (x3 Great Balls) 70 :points: (6 In Stock)
:bulletred: Type Specific Egg (x1) 60 :points:
:bulletred: Pokeball Pack (x3 Pokeballs) 50 :points:
:bulletred: Honey Pack (x3 Honeys) 40 :points: (9 In Stock)
:bulletred: Jumble Berry (x5) 30 :points: each
:bulletred: TM (x6) 30 :points: each
:bulletred: Genderstone (x4) 20 :points: each

Pokemon for Sale/Trade:  
PKMNation: Girly the Zorua by OtaPotato Girly the Zorua [Female]: Level: 6/ BA: 11/ ID: 2322/ Moves: Scratch, Leer 
PKMNation: Gal the Skitty by OtaPotato Gal the Skitty [Female]: Level: 12 /BA: 8/ ID: 2324/ Moves: Fake Out, Growl, Tackle, Tailwhip 
PKMNation: KFC The Torchic by OtaPotato KFC the Torchic [Female]: Level: 4/ BA: 5/ ID: 13014/ Moves: Scratch, Growl
Price: FREE
PKMNation: City the Volbeat App by OtaPotato City the Volbeat [Male]: Level: 2/ BA: 5/ ID: 15301/ Move: Flash, Tackle
Price: FREE
PKMNation: Honey the Teddiursa App by OtaPotato Honey the Teddiursa[Male]: Level:2/ BA:5/ ID:15988/ Moves:Covet, Scratch, Fling, FakeTears, Lick, BabyDoll Eyes 
PKMNation: Gloopy the Goomy by OtaPotatoGloopy the Goomy [Male]: Level: 10/ BA: 26/ ID: 2326/ Moves: Tackle, Bubble
PKMNation: Peaches the Smoochum by OtaPotatoPeaches the Smoochum [Female]: (Unofficial) Level: 4/ BA: 5/ ID: 20614
(When the buyer pays for and makes a new app for her, I will send in this image).
PKMNation: Tikki the Joltik by OtaPotatoTikki the Joltik [Female]: Level: 26/BA: 14/ID: 14559/ Moves: String Shot, Leech Life, Spider Web, GastroAcid
Price: 10 Points or 5 Levels

PKMNation: Nia Jones the Spinda by OtaPotato 
Nia Jones the Spinda [Female]: Level: 15/ BA: 28/ ID: 2325/ Moves: Tackle

Carousel the Spinda App by OtaPotato Carousel the Spinda [Male]:
 Level: 8/ BA: 10/ ID: 17769 / Moves: Tackle

PKMNation: Cave Johnson the Roggenrola App by OtaPotato Cave Johnson the Roggenrola [Male]: Level: 4/ BA: 5/ ID: 20617
Carbink by CreepyJellyfishUnreffed Carbink [Male]: Level 0/ BA: 5/ID: 23446
PKMNation Berg the Bergmite App by OtaPotato Unreffed Male Bermite [From Trail]: Level 0:/ID: 20029
Deerling icon free by kurimu-sanUnreffed Male Deerling [From Trail]: Level:0/ID: 16461
PKMNation: LoulaxDwarf Clutch *OPEN* by OtaPotatoLevel: 3/ BA: 15

Grass Type Shroomish [Male]: FREE

Grass Type Shroomish [Female]: FREE
PKMNation: BooxEmbers Clutch OPEN by OtaPotato Cyndaquil Male: Level 3/BA: 5/[Taken, waiting to be sent]
MakaxPrince Clutch *OPEN* by OtaPotato 
Female Snubbull: Level 4/BA: 17/Price: FREE
PKMNation: Nia JonesXPillow Clutch [ONE LEFT] by OtaPotato Level- 3 (1FB + 1 SBG)/Base Attack - 7/Price: FREE
Female Spinda: OPEN
PKMNation: DwarfxNoodle Clutch [ONE LEFT] by OtaPotatoBA: 11/Level: 3 (1FB+ 1SBG)/ (Not Eligible to be a free second)
Price: 80 Points or 15 levels

4: Male Shiny Shroomish OPEN
PKMNation: Zeke and Boo Clutch [OPEN] by OtaPotato BA: 5/Level: 3/Price: 80 Points or 15 levels / (Not Eligible to be a free second)
Left: Male Yamask Morph (ON HOLD)
Right: Male Yamask Morph (OPEN)
PN: Durmia-Barrera Clutch by OtaPotatoMale and Female Carbink. BA: 6
Price: FREE

PN: Klez-Nubbins Clutch [CLOSED] by OtaPotato 
When purchasing one, you can pick it's gender. There is 1 boy and 1 girl, first come, first serve.
Ba: 9

Left: Vulpix-Sandile-Lotad Cross
<>Price: 80 Points or 15 Levels OPEN

Right: Lotad
<>Price: FREE OPEN

PN: Durmia-Barrera Clutch 2 by OtaPotato BA: 6
Price: FREE

1: Carbink Male

2: Cyndaquil Male

3: Carbink Female

 Carbink Male